Windows 7 Activator

This windows 7 loader will help you to recover your original windows 7 key embedded deep into your computer bios system. Also on our website you can learn many things about activation process and how to change SLIC and certificate data which can be useful for moving keys to another computers. But the main site function is teaching users how to activate their systems properly and only doing it for educational purposes!

Our  software is known worldwide because it is the only working windows activator today. This software includes many options for debugging and analyzing activation processes. This tool is arguably safest activation key based exploit ever created by any group. It is because program inserts windows serial key directly into bios system so it can’t be reset easily by updates or other invasive tools. Following the first release we keep up with MS updates so there is no downtime for our tool.  Our software also famously known of bypassing really hard Microsoft WAT security which other tools can’t manage to do.

Windows 7 Loader Tutorial

The main reason people are using daz activator is because they want to learn more about activation process or just can’t activate their computers. There could be a lot of reasons for that: people lose their windows 7 product key, scratch off key from cd box or they just never really had one in the first place. So if people want to use their computer quickly they just can use this loader and activate their windows and after that contact microsoft to get their original key back. At any time you could enter your product key and daz activation will be removed and replaced by your original key.

For students it is a little bit easier as they can get this license key usually for free so they don’t need our tool. For example MIT offers their students free windows 7 versions and there are other educational places doing the same. Others aren’t so lucky so they can use our tool.